Discover the different steps in the manufacturing process of our olive oils.


Once September has drawn to a close, olives, the fruit that gives us our oil, reach perfect ripeness. This is when we get our mechanical equipment in gear to harvest the fruit, straight from the tree.


When the olives have been harvested, they are unloaded in the mill’s yard, where they are placed on different intake lines depending on their quality so that they may be cleaned and any impurities removed. Conveyor belts then transport them to the grinder, a powerful machine capable of turning them into a paste, from which the olive oil will later be extracted.


Once the olives have been turned into a paste, we begin the process of beating and decanting them to extract high-quality extra virgin olive oil. The paste is beaten using state-of- the-art machinery and low temperatures (under 25ºC) so as to obtain a better quality oil and retain the aromas and flavours that characterise a good extra virgin olive oil.

Once the paste has been beaten and the first signs of oil appear, we decant it so that the solid parts (the flesh, pit and other byproducts that can be used later) may be separated from what will become extra virgin olive oil.


When the extra virgin olive oil is ready, the next step is to store it so that it may be bottled and made available to our consumers of high-quality oils.

At this point, the oil is stored in an acclimatised warehouse so that it remains in optimum condition until being bottled as high-quality extra virgin olive oil.


Here at Picualia, the bottled oil is selected for one of three product lines, according to the month when the olives were harvested. Those lines are therefore perfectly adapted to the fruit’s characteristics. This allows us to adhere to BRC and IFS quality standards, ensuring that we offer premium products to the public that have undergone exhaustive quality control and whose origins may be traced.

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